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Music Tech Magazine Release Free samples release on Music Tech Magazine DVD (november issue 68)

Galactic Pads

Evolving textures and organic pads that provide the perfect backdrop for any number of applications, from sound design to pop.

Club Construction Kit
Comprising more than 100 loops in formats including WAV, Reason NN-XT and Apple Loops, Equinox Sounds and have got together to bring you an exclusive collection of hard-edged and contemporary sounds.

Samples Taster Pack
In a bid to bring you ever-more informative reviews, we’ve teamed up with Big Fish Audio and Ueberschall, plus their distributor Time+Space, to bring you a taste of the samples packs reviewed in this issue.

Editing in Logic Pro
The multi-talented composer, producer and guitarist Doug Zangar presents these video tutorials from Grooveboxmusic’s Editing in Logic Pro series. The subjects covered include adding drum fills, building guitar parts and working with vocals.

All the latest demos…
FASoft n-Track Studio 6,HG Fortune Dreammachine, de la Mancha erratic2, RetroWare micronAU, Image-Line Ogun, MakeMusic Finale 2009 and more…


Monitoring Secrets
If your monitors are the weakest link in your studio, you’re undoubtedly putting the quality of your mixes in jeopardy. Mark Cousins offers some essential advice..

Mixing With Logic Pro 8 - Part 2
The second instalment of our foray into Logic Pro explores more key mixing tasks and tools, including automation, cleaning up vocals and what you can do with MIDI. 

Creative Delay
Delay effects are something that most of us take for granted, but with a little imagination and the right plug-ins you can breathe new life into this often underestimated effect. Mo Volans shows you how.

Ten Minute Masters
The Decca Tree
The Decca Tree has been a staple stereo recording technique for more than 50 years. Mark Cousins goes back to its roots..

Staying In Sync
If different elements of a system need to be synchronised, you’ll need to get down and dirty with timecode. Grant Bridgeman watches the clock…

This Month’s Workshops
Battery 3
Battery is the perfect tool for building and customising drum kits – and what’s more, it’s remarkably easy to use. Hollin Jones powers up.
Cubase 4
If you’re looking to incorporate your own loops or audio material into a project, you’ll find it’s simply a matter of time… We stretch Cubase to the limit.
Logic Pro 8
The process of editing drum tracks reveals plenty of hidden potential in Logic’s comprehensive suite of production tools. Mark Cousins gets his scissors out.
Sonar 7
Sonar’s abilities extend far beyond the basics of project-studio recording – in fact, it’s more than capable of recording a full band. Brian Smithers goes tracking.
Reason 4
Composing in Reason doesn’t limit you to using only electronic sounds – it’s equally adept at handling acoustic instruments.

New products road-tested this month include Universal Audio’s UAD-2, Steinberg’s MR816/CC121, Rob Papen’s RG, Project Sam Symphobia, Finale 2009 and Peavey’s ReValver MkIII.

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