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1.  how can i download my samples?
2.   What if i cannot download my samples or if something goes wrong?
3.   In what format are these samples?
4.   Who made all these samples?
5.   Can i use these samples in my productions? even if i release a track officially?
6.   How is it possible that i have seen the "Hardcore Essentials" pack also on Vip Zone Samples?
7.   Can i sell samples bought from your website?
8.   Can i get a refund if i dont like the samples i bought?
9.   I cannot open the file i downloaded? whats wrong?
10. Can i open soundfonts sf2 files in fruity loops / FL studio? if yes then how?



1.   login to your account and click on "my account" then you will see on top the order history,
      click on it and scroll down at the bottom of that page you can download your files.

2.   dont worry, if anything goes wrong you can contact us here
      we find out what the problem is and let your know asap.

3.   Mostly the samples are in high quality wav format unless stated otherwise, like a reason refill its in
      rfl format and soundfont files are in SF2 format

4.   All samples on our website are made by Shock Force 

5.   Yes 100%, if you bought a sample pack on our website your can use them royalty FREE

6.   Well, we work togehter with Vip Zone Samples, they have a NON-EXCLUSIVE right to sell the "Hardcore Essentials" 
      plus the "Hardstyle pro samples 2008" Pack For us. 
      Shock Force, owner and producer of is 100 percent copyright holder of these packs.

7.   NO, Aboslutely NOT ! You have only the right to use the samples in your productions but you 
      may not sell our sample packs

8.   No, we are sorry for that but we cannot do that because its a digital product.

9.   You need to install "Winrar" on your computer, if you dont have winrar
      please got to the winrar website and download it for free.
      If you have a MAC and having difficulties opening the rar file please install UnRarX_2.2 on your MAC 

10. Yes you can open soundfonts sf2 files in fruity loops / FL studio with the fruity soundfont player


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